Ready to Source Exceptional Talent? Fiverr Enterprise Makes it Simple

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Our recent webinar was a deep-dive into sourcing and hiring at Fiverr Enterprise, including a live demo! If you want to see how it works for yourself, you can check out the webinar on-demand! 

As always, keep reading for your highlights. 

What is Talent Sourcing? 

Talent sourcing covers all the ways that organizations find workers to fit specific needs. A talent sourcing strategy allows a business to find the right people for the right tasks and projects, whether that’s full-time employees or independent contractor relationships. Talent sourcing can be done in a number of ways, such as recruitment agencies, via freelancer platforms and marketplaces, social media networks, or even word of mouth. 

Fiverr Enterprise is a Name to Trust in Sourcing and Hiring

Fiverr Enterprise knows freelancers. As part of Fiverr International (NYSE: FVRR), is the leading marketplace for global talent, with over 600 categories of freelancers. Fiverr has invested immense resources in building and providing enterprise solutions, offering clients the strongest talent for any industry. 

Fiverr Enterprise is a robust team that understands sourcing and business, and its team members have experience working in a fast-paced environment, and recognize what it means to deliver to an enterprise standard. Unlike any other platforms that limit their sourcing efforts to their own marketplace, Fiverr Enterprise searches far and wide from multiple channels to find a real match for your specific job requirements, bringing together our understanding of freelancers and business. 

The Widest Variety of Sources for Finding Freelance Talent

When you trust Fiverr Enterprise with sourcing, you’re getting freelancers gleaned from a wide range of places. For example, you might be offered candidates from:

  • The Fiverr Pro talent pool: All freelancers here have been hand-picked by expert evaluators in each domain, vetted for industry expertise, and have top reviews on efficiency and outcomes. 
  • Industry-specific forums: These forums and communities are a unique source of freelance talent which may not be open to the general public. They allow us to find talent with niche knowledge and skills. 
  • Platforms and portfolios: Looking for a specific skill? We know of all the specific platforms for certain industries, from graphic design to videography and beyond, and we scour them on your behalf for the top talent. 
  • Personal networks: Who do we know? Working in the freelance world, our freelancer portfolio is large and multi-faceted. Do we have the right person on a social media group, or a community page?

We work with you to understand your needs and then source, vet and hire the perfect freelancers to fill that gap. The agreements we’ve sourced lately include a monthly retainer for a cartoon artist, a senior iOS engineer on an hourly rate, a SalesForce and Financial Administration consultant, and a French language expert being paid per-project. From automation developers to brand and marketing consultants, we’ve seen and sourced it all. 

A Sourcing Service Built on Solving Enterprise Pain Points

When we created Fiverr Enterprise, we kept hearing the same challenges. 

  1. How can I accurately build a job description? 
  2. Why is the process of looking for candidates so lengthy? 
  3. Is there a way to align sourcing with our internal processes? 

With these questions in mind, we built Fiverr Enterprise to help enterprises build quick and effective job descriptions, to offer a manageable number of pre-vetted and selected candidates that best match your needs, and to easily integrate with internal processes for interviewing and onboarding new talent. 

There are two ways to find freelancers via Fiverr Enterprise. You can either browse our talent selection directly from the platform, or you can create your own job description describing what you’re looking for. 

If you don’t know exactly what to write, or you’re worried about missing out important details, you can use AI from inside the platform to help you craft the perfect job specification. Our AI chat tool, Jasmine, can guide you through the process, providing a suggested job description for any role, and then editing it to fill in any missing information on the fly. Jasmine will also ask you about your limitations, such as budget, location and qualifications, so that you don’t miss any important information. 

Once your job spec is live, you can keep track of all candidates who apply for the job, or access relevant candidates who fit the bill, all directly from the platform. View interested parties, check their skills, read reviews, and reach out to talk, all from the same place. It’s such an awesome system, we use it internally for ourselves! 

Of course, sometimes none of the initial candidates will fit the bill. With your feedback, we can curate a more narrow secondary list of talent, providing you with candidates who better suit your needs. We don’t sleep until you have the people you need in place. 

Fiverr Enterprise: Exceptional, Fast and Available

Everyone wants to move fast, but without sacrificing on quality. And that’s exactly what you get from sourcing and hiring via Fiverr Enterprise. 

It’s simple. We have access to the best talent out there, and so no matter what platform they are registered to, or where they are in the world, we find them on your behalf. The platform is built from the ground up in such a way that you can build a job spec in minutes with the help of AI, and you’ll have candidates to evaluate within 24 hours. You can then make a decision, and hire them, all from the same platform, perfectly aligned with your internal workflows and processes. 

Icing on the cake? Fiverr Enterprise works seamlessly across the whole business, making it extremely available. No additional contracts to sign, any department can get involved at the click of a button. 

Don’t Forget to Watch the Webinar!

Our webinar on sourcing provides a live demo of our entire sourcing service, shares Amdocs story of sourcing via Fiverr Enterprise, and allows you to meet Jasmine for yourself! 

Want to learn more about how Fiverr Enterprise can scale the way you hire your freelance workforce? Book a free, 30-min demo call with one of our workforce experts today!