Get full visibility & control over your entire freelance workforce

Fiverr Enterprise gives you full visibility and control over your entire freelance workforce by allowing you to source, hire, onboard, manage and pay, all while ensuring compliance, so your teams can work faster and maximize business growth. 

4 Ways Fiverr Enterprise
Gets Your Teams Moving Faster 

Source & Hire Expert Talent

While you could work with any freelancer, you want to make sure you’re working with the right freelancer, and one who is fully compliant for your business.

Let us take the stress of hiring freelancers off your plate by finding expert pre-vetted, and business-ready freelancers for you.

Hire Expert Talent

Post a job

Simply post a job and describe the details of your job or feel free to use one of our ready-made templates.

View multiple candidates

Our sourcing experts will present you with 2-6 viable candidates in just 48 hours or choose from a pre-selected list of talent.

Interview & onboard

Interview your candidates, hire the one you want to work with and onboard them to your private talent pool on Fiverr Enterprise.


Run 360° Compliance

You need to make sure compliance isn’t slowing you down and that the freelance talent you onboard is fully compliant for your business. 

Fiverr Enterprise automates and customizes the legal and tax compliance process to your specific business needs, so your teams aren’t weighed down by paperwork. From onboarding to offboarding, we give you peace of mind that every step of your freelance lifecycle is in order. 

Enjoy full compliance

We monitor your relationships with your freelancers including the validity of legal documents, signatures and tax forms.

Stay notified

Get alerted when a high-risk relationship is identified, so you can take action and mitigate the risk of worker misclassification.

Automate tax docs

We’ll gather all required tax forms like W-9s, 1099s and others from your freelance talent and submit annual reports for you.

Enjoy Your Own
Private Talent Pool

Your entire freelance workforce, in one, customized place. Now you can give your teams the autonomy to hire, collaborate and deliver, faster. 

Whether you decide to bring your own freelancers on board, or hire new ones through our hiring service, you can simply add them to your private talent pool on your Fiverr Enterprise account.

Talent Pool


Save time when you rehire freelancers you’ve already worked with and are already fully compliant.

Onboard compliantly

Enjoy a legally compliant onboarding process as we customize all documents to your business needs and ensure they’re completed.

Run advanced search

Filter by skills, language, location, colleague reviews and rates, so your teams see everything in one place and get things done more efficiently.

Gain Flexibility

Payment Terms

While your freelancers want to get paid quickly, your organization has its own payment cycle in place.
Fiverr Enterprise bridges that gap by letting you keep your company’s existing payment cycle, while giving you more flexibility to pay your freelancers.

We consolidate each of your global freelance payments into one automated monthly invoice, so you never have to organize multiple freelance contracts again. 

Connect spend to PO

Customize your invoice and break it down by spend, PO and cost center, so nothing gets lost.

Get flexibility

Enjoy various ways to pay your global freelancers – hourly, by project or milestone.

Maximize payments

Instantly pay freelancers in 190 countries in 80 currencies and 7 different methods.


An award-winning platform. Revolutionizing the freelance management industry.

"Since the first meeting with Fiverr Enterprise, there was a “click”. The end-to-end process took us 3 months from the day I released the RFP to the day system was up and running. In corporate life, this is disruptive."

Shachar Teper, Global Procurement Director