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No platform fees. No commitment. Pay per usage.



Smaller teams focused on growth

3% fee based on monthly payments



Larger teams with a compliance sensitivity

5% fee based on monthly payments



Custom plans and pricing to suit your needs

Working with many non-payroll workers?

Paying large invoices and needs a different model?

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Every Fiverr Enterprise plan includes

Fiverr Enterprise is the right choice if your team spends more than $3,000 a month on freelance talent, consultants, and agencies.

Unlimited Freelancers
Priority support
Unlimited Users
Unlimited users
Talent Sourcing
Customized branding
Customized Branding

Our engineering and marketing teams are now able to hire the talents they need quickly, while we don’t need waste time paying multiple invoices and dealing with tax and legal compliance.

Avi Israel EVP Finance

I no longer spend my time reconciling invoices. Freelancers are paid on time and all paperwork is managed electronically according to our finance and legal standards.

Marcel Santilli SVP Marketing

We are able to get things done quicker than ever before. Fiverr Enterprise doesn’t only gives us access to talent we couldn’t get to before, it also helps us manage the process and budget through every step of the way.

Israel David Co-Founder and CTO

Frequently asked questions

Can you help me hire freelancers?

Yes, we can find your the best talents out there based on your requirement. We source freelance talents from multiple sources and are not limited to a certain database. We will not overwhelm you with a long list of irrelevant freelancers, but present you with 3-5 freelancers that meet your specifications. We are committed to help you find the right talent at the right team, efficiently.

How will my freelancers and contractors use Fiverr Enterprise?

You’ll need to invite your talent by adding their email address. They will receive an email with a link to update their payment details. From that point on they’ll see all jobs and milestones associated to their profile, including full visibility on the payment process for all submitted invoices.

Can you help me pay my freelancers?

Yes, Fiverr Enterprise will pay all of your freelancers and contractors on their preferred payment methods and currencies. You’ll only need to pay us one invoice on terms you set, in the your currency of choice.

Can you handle international payments?

Yes, we can process payments in 190 countries.

Which countries do you support?

Fiverr Enterprise support more than 190 countries worldwide. If you wish to check a specific country, please search this list.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial to qualified businesses for the Premium package and 14 days for the Core package.

Do you restrict features with free trials?

You’ll be able to add your talents, post jobs to source new ones, create an onboarding workflow and even pay them (up to $5000 during the POC). Unfortunately, we cannot offer background checks and employee classification audits as part of the free trial.

How does your pricing work?

There’s no platform fee. We only charge a percentage of the total payments we’re paying to your freelancers and contractors.

Do you have a set-up cost?

Absolutely not. All plans are month to month with no contracts, no setup fees, and no hidden gimmicks.

Anything special for high-volume or seed-stage VC-funded companies?

Absolutely yes. We offer discountS in such cases. Talk to us.