Pay your freelancers on time effortlessly, while ensuring compliance

Save time and money by automating payments, tax compliance, and budget management for your organization’s freelancer workforce

Source and onboard freelancer talent all in one place


Fiverr Enterprise will pay all of your freelancers on their terms and currencies, and you’ll pay us one invoice on terms you set, in the currency of choice.

Remove Risk
Budget visibility

Tax Compliance

Stop spending your time chasing after w8/9 and submitting 1099. Fiverr Enterprise can handle it for you, including KYC/AML checks before payments.

Budget Management

Get full visibility into freelancers and contractors total spend. Start continuously track PLAN vs ACTUAL . You can either grant budget per department, team or project or define the hierarchy to approve every invoice.

Automate Employee Classification

Fiverr Enterprise leverages AI to analyze your relationship with contractors based on more than 3,000 classification cases filed in the US. Fiverr Enterprise’s AI-based engine detects high risk relationship in real-time and suggest actionable steps to reduce risk.

Workforce classification