Get your projects moving faster with expert freelancers

Take the stress of finding freelancers off your plate.
Our sourcing experts will find you 2-6 expert freelancers
for your next project in just 48 hours.

Finding a freelancer isn’t a problem. Finding the right freelancer is.

Finding the right freelancer

Sourcing and vetting need to be done carefully, and even though you could work with any freelancer, you want to make sure you’re working with the right freelancer. Not only do they have the right skill set and talent, but they are also fully compliant for your business. 

Hiring and onboarding freelancers can be as time consuming as hiring a full time employee, which can slow you down from moving forward with projects, and maximizing business performance. 

Let our sourcing experts find the
right talent for you in 48 hours

Simply hire the freelancer you want to work with and instantly onboard, manage, and pay them via our
freelance management system (FMS), all while their legal and tax documents are automated. It’s that easy!

Need to move even faster? We’ve pre-selected a list of talents from various, high-demand industries and fields to choose from, because we know you want and need the best in class. 
Our pre-selected talents are instantly available for your specific business needs.

3 easy steps to get started
& we will do the rest

Step 1

Set up your
job description

Describe the details of what kind of job you need help with or feel free to use one of our ready-made templates.

Job Description
Video Editor

Step 2

Get presented with multiple candidates

Our sourcing experts get to work, shortlisting freelancers with proven experience, skills, and professionalism from Fiverr Enterprise’s pool of expert talent. Alternatively, choose from a pre-selected list of talent from various, high-demand industries instantly available for your specific business needs.

Step 3

Interview & onboard

Interview your freelance candidates, hire the one you want to work with, then invite them to your private talent pool on Fiverr Enterprise.


Get freelance talent hired, onboarded
and contributing in 1 day.

Talent Discovery

Seamless talent discovery for your project needs

We streamline the hiring process by providing you freelance talent for your projects, directly on the platform.

Talent Pool

Private talent pool

Rediscover available and fully compliant talent your company has already worked with via your own private talent pool.

Legally compliant onboarding

Legally compliant onboarding

We’ll take care of your freelancer’s legal and tax docs, and alert you of
any worker misclassification.