Pay All of Your Freelancers
in 1 Click

Spending hours on paying freelancers’ invoices? Fiverr Enterprise can pay your freelancers with their preferred payment methods and currencies, while you pay us with one invoice on your own terms.


Fiverr Enterprise handles contractor headaches at

One invoice for you to approve and ALL of your freelancers get paid

Set up automated onboarding and off-boarding processes, and monitor in real-time with custom reports


Save hours on managing invoices

Rather than paying multiple invoices every month, let Fiverr Enterprise consolidate all freelance payments into one simple invoice you can pay on your own terms.

Additional time and money can be saved by automating payment approval workflows, tax and compliance, and gaining real-time budget tracking.

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Onboarding Workflow


Setup automated payment approval workflows

Create customized, automated invoice approval workflows, based on person or role, and provide your freelancers with full transparency regarding the status of their payment requests. 

If needed, you can accelerate your payments and pay within 24-48 hours.


Detailed and customized cost breakdowns

Simplifying your payment processes don’t need to come at the cost of details being lost. 

Fiverr Enterprise gives you granular billing information broken down by the criteria which matter to you – department, cost center, hiring manager, and more. You can even integrate directly with your accounting system.

Transparency and visibility

How Fiverr Enterprise Works

Fiverr Enterprise’s Freelancer Management System (FMS) lets you rely more on freelancers without creating more work for you and your team on the back end. We offer an end-to-end platform that manages everything from hiring to payments.

Benefit from freelance talent the easy way – with Fiverr Enterprise

Fiverr Enterprise's Freelancer Management System (FMS)


Quickly hire new talent with Fiverr Enterprise’s sourcing service and build an online talent directory for your company


Legal docs, background checks, and managing system access — you can do it all from one platform


Manage project budgets and track planned vs actual spending by departments, teams, or individuals


Instantly pay invoices to 190 countries in 80 currencies and 7 methods — while you pay 1 invoice a month


From tax compliance to employee classification and security, Fiverr Enterprise keeps all your bases covered

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What our customers say about us

Stoke was an easy fix for our issues. If we have gaps in talent resources within my team, the usual solution is to add a freelancer. Now it’s so easy to onboard them and get right into the work.

Natalie Cohen

Natalie Cohen

Director of Solution Marketing


I would say the biggest benefit of working with Fiverr Enterprise is gaining full visibility into our budgets and having flexible payment frequency, enabling us to become much more aligned with our business goals. Also have peace of mind when it comes to legal compliance, knowing that we can hire any talent, and Fiverr Enterprise takes care of the rest for us.

Nitzan Brown

Marketing Program Manager


Stoke offers our legal and finance teams a platform that provides full control and visibility, so we can focus on getting projects completed without worrying about onboarding, payment processing, communication, and more.

Dan Ben-Adi

Dan Ben-Adi


Minute Media

Since the first meeting with Fiverr Enterprise, there was a “click”. The end-to-end process took us 3 months from the day I released the RFP to the day the system was up and running. In corporate life, this is disruptive.

Shachar Teper

Shachar Teper

Global Procurement Director