Maximize your marketing efforts with exceptional talent. 

Save time and energy sourcing, hiring, onboarding and managing your global freelancers with Fiverr Enterprise. We’ll source exceptional marketing talent for you and onboard them to your own private talent pool, all in just 48 hours.

3 Ways Fiverr Enterprise
Can Help Marketers Get More Done

Source & Hire Expert Talent

While you could work with any freelancer, you want to make sure you’re working with the right freelancer, and one who is fully compliant for your business.

Let us take the stress of hiring freelance marketing talent off your plate by finding expert pre-vetted, and business-ready freelancers for you.

Post a job

Simply post a job and describe the details of your job or feel free to use one of our ready-made templates.

View multiple candidates

Our sourcing experts will present you with 2-6 viable candidates in just 48 hours or choose from a pre-selected list of talent.

Interview & onboard

Interview your candidates, hire the one you want to work with and onboard them to your private talent pool on Fiverr Enterprise.

Onboard Talent

Onboard Marketing Talent 

Legally & Compliantly to
Your Private Talent Pool

Easily invite your new freelancer to join Fiverr Enterprise, and we’ll take care of the entire onboarding process for you. From legal documents to tax forms, we’ve got you covered – so your freelancer can get started immediately. 

With your private talent pool, you can view your entire freelance workforce in one, customized place, and give your teams the autonomy to hire, collaborate and deliver, faster. 


Save time when you rehire freelance marketers you’ve already worked with and are already fully compliant.

Onboard compliantly

Enjoy a legally compliant onboarding process as we customize all documents to your business needs and ensure they’re completed.

Run advanced search

Filter by skills, language, location, colleague reviews and rates, so your teams see everything in one place and get things done more efficiently.

Pay All Your Freelancers

in 1 Invoice

Your freelancers want to get paid on time, which is critical for your business relationship with them. Fiverr Enterprise consolidates each of your global freelance payments into one automated monthly invoice, so you never have to organize multiple freelance contracts again.

Pay All Your Freelancers

Connect spend to PO

Customize your invoice and break it down by spend, PO and cost center, so nothing gets lost.

Get flexibility

Enjoy various ways to pay your global freelancers – hourly, by project or milestone.

Maximize payments

Instantly pay freelancers in 190 countries in 80 currencies and 7 different methods.

Specific skills

Specific skills

Hire freelancers who hold a particular expertise or skill set for ongoing tasks that your existing team doesn’t have. 



Adjusting the scope or budget of your marketing project is easier when you have a freelancer who has more time on their hands to take on extra work.


An award-winning platform. Revolutionizing the freelance management industry.

What our customers say about us


“The biggest benefit of working with Fiverr Enterprise is full budget visibility and flexible payment frequency, helping us align with business goals. We also have peace of mind with legal compliance, as Fiverr Enterprise takes care of hiring talent for us.”

Nitzan Brown

Head of Program Management, Marketing


”Fiverr Enterprise was an easy fix for our issues. If we have gaps in talent resources within my team, the usual solution is to add a freelancer. Now it’s so easy to onboard them and get right into the work”

Natalie Cohen

Natalie Cohen

Director of Solution Marketing


"Since the first meeting with Fiverr Enterprise, there was a “click”. The end-to-end process took us 3 months from the day I released the RFP to the day the system was up and running. In corporate life, this is disruptive."

Shachar Teper

Global Procurement Director

Minute Media

“Fiverr Enterprise offers our legal and finance teams a platform that provides full control and visibility, so we can focus on getting projects completed without worrying about onboarding, payment processing, communication, and more.”

Dan Ben Adi, CFO, Minute Media

Dan Ben Adi