Source Exceptional Freelance Talent with Fiverr Enterprise

In this webinar, we demonstrated the new sourcing process and product flow. We gave tips and general guidance on the new AI assistance for sourcing, its main value, and how to use and create a job post on your own or with our new AI assistance. We believe there is nothing like peer learning, so we ended the session with a success story from our customers.

Tuesday, September 19 EDT 11:00 PDT 08:00 25 Minutes

Featured Speakers

Anat Granit
GM, Fiverr Enterprise
Romi Davidor
Romi Davidor
Senior Marketing Manager, Fiverr Enterprise

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Here’s exactly what you’ll learn

  • What makes sourcing with Fiverr Enterprise unique, and where do we source expert freelancers from?
  • Utilizing our AI assistant to help you post a job in just minutes
  • Browsing our pre-selected list of expert talent from various high-demand fields
  • How one of our largest clients benefits from using our sourcing service