Using Remote Hiring to Attract Top IT and Tech Talent

Remote Hiring

Remote hiring is a smart strategy to help reduce unnecessary resource spend and hire faster to meet real-world needs. 

Fiverr Enterprise allows tech businesses to hire faster, with a sourcing service that delivers high quality, compliant, pre-vetted talent in just 48 hours. 

If you’re looking to understand why a remote hiring strategy is the right fit for your IT company, you’re in the right place!

What Is Remote Hiring?

Simply put, remote hiring is moving away from the idea of all of your employees working from your office location, and expanding your talent sourcing strategy to encompass anyone, anywhere in the world. For service providers who have varying resource demands, this opens the door to hiring freelance talent, who work for themselves, but can augment your IT or technical teams as and when you need. 

The Rise of Remote Work

Long before COVID-19, remote work was already well on its way up. And it’s not just made up of employees working from home. By 2028, 53% of the U.S. workforce will be freelance, more than 90 million workers altogether. 

According to Wired, a combination of widening skills gaps due to the growth of niche tech such as generative AI, and mass tech layoffs means that “tech firms of all sizes are adjusting to having a more blended workforce and are leaning on freelancers like never before.” In the tech world, we’re looking at what Wired calls a “golden era” for tech freelancing. 

Freelancing also allows companies to bypass hiring freezes, according to the Economic Times. “Top skills in demand include data science, data modeling, cloud computing, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI)/ machine learning (ML).” Freelance platform Flexing It has seen an increase in signups of more than 140% YOY in freelancers who have tech as their primary skill.

A freelance strategy is a smart one, if it can be managed well. According to Deloitte, 86% of global business leaders said the effective management of external contributors was critical to their organization’s overall performance. Companies who are adding systems and processes to handle freelance talent are reaping the rewards. 

Benefits of Remote Hiring for IT & Tech Talent

For service providers and IT companies, there are wide benefits to using a remote hiring strategy to invite freelancers into your business. Instead of keeping a bench of full-time employees on the payroll, and incurring those costs whether you need them or not, you can scale up and down as necessary by hiring freelance talent from anywhere. This means your organization is able to: 

  • Forecast resources and timelines: Guarantee that you’ll be able to meet emergent client requirements, whether that’s for a single engineer or an entire team of developers. Get a complete view of the cost of every project ahead of time, making it easier to quote on your own terms. 
  • Scale faster to meet deadlines: With your own talent pool of remote workers to pull skills from, you can expand or contract your workers in exact measure. Pre-vetted or proven to meet your standards, you can trust that talent is available and will give your business a good name. 
  • Reduce costs: A full-time bench of employees is expensive when they aren’t being used, and may be insufficient when you have a big contract rolling in. By using a remote hiring strategy, you can reduce irrelevant resources, and only hire when you know the work is billable. 
  • Save time on sourcing: Staffing agencies only have limited pools of talent, and keeping in touch with multiple agencies can be a full-time job in and of itself. Using a freelancer management system (FMS) for remote hiring means you can source, hire and manage all talent from one place. 
  • Create long-term relationships: Don’t lose touch with ex-employees, old contractors, or those you worked with at a previous job. A smart remote hiring process will provide a database where you can rehire those who you trust, and who fit your company culture like a glove. 
  • Onboard more work: It’s so frustrating when you need to say no to incoming client requests because you don’t have the people power in place. Remote hiring means you can always say yes without hesitation, and maximize your own business growth with limitless potential.

Understanding the Remote Hiring Process

Each company will have their own needs, but there are a few common stages of remote hiring that most IT and tech companies will need to go through to find the right talent. 

1. Job posting and branding

This is where you decide what you’re looking for, and create a compelling job description. What skills are you missing, and what experience is necessary for the role? Remember to explain a little about your company and your expectations, for example if you need freelancers to work with your tools and technology, and when you need them to be available. 

2. Sourcing candidates

There are so many ways to find great freelance talent, so now’s the time to narrow it down. Staffing agencies are expensive and offer a limited pool of talent, and if you go solo on the freelancer marketplaces, you may find yourself drowning in a sea of 5* profiles. A freelancer management system (FMS) can take a lot of the leg work on your behalf. 

3. Screening and interviewing

Once you’ve narrowed down the search to a handful of candidates, you need to make sure they are the right fit. The screening process looks at elements such as compliance, to make sure they can legally work for your business without the risk of misclassification. Interviewing is where you make sure you’re a cultural and personal fit, as after all — these freelancers may well be the face of your brand. 

4. Selection and offer

Once you’ve found the right talent, it’s time to make them an offer. Freelancers usually set their own rates and payment terms, so make sure you can meet their requirements as well as them meeting your own! Once an agreement has been reached, think about how you will onboard them efficiently, including getting tax documentation, forms signed, and systems updated. 

Fiverr Enterprise: Remote Hiring Tools and Technologies for IT & Tech Talent

Fiverr Enterprise provides an IT talent pool, curated especially for you — one place where you can gain instant access to your own carefully vetted Dev & IT talent, that’s ready-to-hire and able to meet your business requirements.

Hire any tech expertise, eliminate resource uncertainty, reduce hiring costs and maintain a consistent and quality workforce. Our SaaS solution enables you to confidently take on more projects, knowing you have a dedicated talent pool that’s always available. 

As part of a remote hiring strategy, Fiverr Enterprise is a freelancer management system (FMS) that allows you to: 

  • Hire any tech expertise, fast: Access an on-demand talent pool that includes a wide range of niche and expert tech skills. We offer a white-glove sourcing service that identifies the right candidates in just 48 hours. 
  • Reduce bench spend: Stop paying for non-billable workers, and save both time and budget. Re-hire top talent your company has worked with in the past, and avoid high agency fees and markups.
  • Access a global, vetted talent pool: Say hello to any technical expertise, ready to work within hours. From data science and AI, to specialized integration, programming or automation expertise. 

Ready to scale your IT company with the support of a remote working strategy? Schedule 30 minutes with one of our workforce experts.