What’s New at Fiverr Enterprise? Improve Your Talent Search with New Customization and Filtering Options

Talent Search

At this most festive time of the year, our very own Fiverr Enterprise worker elves have read your wish lists, and released a whole avalanche of features to make it easier than ever to find and manage your freelance talent. 

Here are just a handful of the new functionalities you can find on the platform, empowering your business to source freelancers quickly and hit the ground running for 2024. 

Get Specific Information with Customized Profile Fields

When your skills gaps are precise, it can waste a whole lot of time speaking with candidates who don’t have the right experience, or sifting through applications looking for a keyword to jump out and grab your attention. 

We’ve made it easier to find the right talent the first time around, by adding the ability to insert custom fields to your talent profile. From the freelancer’s profile, any field can now be added that suits your specific use case. 

Talent Profile Customization

If you’re looking for talent with a specific combination of skills, you can then set filters so that you’re only shown freelancers that meet every criteria on your list, ensuring you are only presented with the perfect matches for the job at hand. 

Be Flexible About Pricing

Freelancers by nature often set their own price, whether that’s per hour, per day, or per project. We know you need to have the flexibility in place to meet the requirements of the ideal candidate for the job, including adjusting for experience or additional skills. 

That’s why we’ve adjusted the way your business can advertise the salary for any given job posting. You can enter the expected rate for the task as a price range, both for hourly jobs, and for a fixed-fee project. Attract the right person, and settle on specific details around pricing once you’ve made that connection. 


Get Visibility on All Job Details From the Start

To do their job with ease, hiring managers need to retain ultimate visibility. We’ve made that simpler than ever, by showing all custom fields for hiring managers when they are utilizing their talent directory. With everything available at a glance, there’s no mismatches, or going back later to ensure nothing has been missed. 


Workflow Triggers Keep You Continually Up To Date

You need to retain visibility over your freelancer activities,  but what’s the best way for you to be alerted about complete or stalled payments, or when the status of a user has changed? It could be via email, Slack, or even on Monday.com – and Fiverr Enterprise has you covered. Simply set up a new workflow, and you’ll be pinged according to your business processes when critical updates occur. 

Workflow Triggers

Fiverr Enterprise is Continually Improving to Support the Freelance Revolution

Fiverr Enterprise is a SaaS solution that gives you full visibility and control over your entire freelance workforce by allowing you to source, hire, onboard, manage and pay, all while ensuring compliance, so your teams can work faster and maximize business growth. 

As we look towards 2024, it’s now easier than ever for businesses to find the right talent on the Fiverr Enterprise platform, with customized fields in talent profiles, the ability to be flexible on payment expectations, and complete visibility for everything from hiring requirements to freelancer and payment status. 

Want to see how it works for yourself? Schedule a demo of the Fiverr Enterprise platform.