Scale Your Talent Operations With Workplace Management Software

Workplace Management Software

Still managing your talent without workplace management software? You may be missing out on a competitive advantage. 

Fiverr Enterprise is a Freelancer Management System (FMS) that allows you to stay on top of tasks, manage resources more effectively, and supports the whole freelancer lifecycle from sourcing through to payments. 

To understand the benefits of workplace management software for your organization — keep reading! 

What Is a Workplace Management Software?

Workplace management software is any technology that allows managers to streamline and automate the worker experience. Especially in today’s hybrid work environment, where most businesses have a combination of full-time, part-time, and freelance talent, it’s important to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

Workplace management software makes it easier to manage your workforce, whether that’s finding the right talent, staying on top of their tasks, allocating resources intelligently, or boosting communication, reporting and analytics. Businesses that use workplace management solutions see reduced operational costs, stronger engagement from their talent, accurate workplace data, and less administrative overhead. 

Types of Workplace Management Software

You can find a wide range of different workplace management software solutions, depending on what you’re looking to gain. Here are a few examples:

Time-tracking software: For shift workers, or workers who are paid per hour — you may want to onboard a time-tracking solution. This will add transparency and ensure a single source of truth between management and talent. 

Project management tools: Software like Trello, and Asana help to keep track of workload and allow for communication between workers. Remember, freelancers may not want to use your internal systems, as this adds administrative load. 

Payroll systems: Ensuring everyone is paid accurately and on time is a critical part of any business. Payroll software automates issues such as tax, benefits, compliance, and different currencies or payment terms. 

Employee engagement tools: Peek under the hood, and is your talent happy? Employee engagement tools help businesses to understand if workers have high morale, and whether you’re building relationships that will beat the growing turnover challenge. 

The list goes on. Successful businesses will look for a tool that can provide a wide range of features and benefits, to eliminate “tool sprawl”, where your company and talent has to juggle a wide range of systems, credentials, and processes. 

Key Features of Workplace Management Software

While workplace management software will have different goals, there are some common features you’ll usually find in many solutions. Here are some examples of benefits to look out for in tools that support better management of freelance talent. 

Task scheduling

When you hire employees, they usually have a wide job description, and an ongoing workload to keep up with. Freelancers have a totally different way of working — usually heavily task-oriented. They tend to be hired and paid per project, so they need a way to see what tasks they are being assigned, and understand priority, compensation, and their brief. Smart workplace management solutions will allow tasks to be assigned, prioritized, and clearly explained, as well as show managers the progress of any given task or milestone. 

Resource allocation

Businesses can work with dozens or even hundreds of freelancers, across different departments, geographies, and skill sets. Workplace management software can simplify this complexity into one view, allowing managers to see what talent is available, their budget requirements, expertise and experience — and even reviews and recommendations from colleagues. This means your business can draw from an existing pool of talent when a gap needs filling, rather than starting from the drawing board. 

Communication tools

When communication is siloed in emails, WhatsApp messages, or messaging apps tied to a specific freelancer marketplace or social media network — it’s lost as soon as it’s read. Building long-term relationships with freelancers means being able to see the history of your relationship and collaboration in one place. Communication tools provide that holistic view, and add transparency to conversations around pricing, working processes, and terms. 

Reporting and analytics

What do you know about how freelancers are utilized in your business? Can you even say how many freelancers you work with, what their skills are, or (yikes) if they are compliantly working for the organization? With the right workplace management solution, you can see all of this information at a glance, and be sure that all of your freelancers are pre-vetted, and continuously analyzed to make sure they meet ever-changing compliance regulations around the world. Added benefits to the right reporting tools are easily viewing your most productive freelance talent, or those who you’re underutilizing. 

Evaluating and Choosing Workplace Management Software: Considering A Freelancer Management Solution (FMS)

The right workplace management software is going to be deeply tied to your own business goals. If you’re struggling to get invoices paid — you want a payroll solution. If your main problem is finding freelancers in the first place, research sourcing solutions instead. Task management challenges need something different than you would use to solve compliance headaches. 

To supercharge the way you work with freelancers from end-to-end, Fiverr Enterprise is a Freelancer Management Solution (FMS) that does it all. The platform gives you full visibility and control over your entire freelance workforce by allowing you to source, hire, onboard, manage and pay, all while ensuring compliance, so your teams can work faster and maximize business growth. It’s one tool to rule it all. 

Are you watching the changing workforce? The global FMS market size was valued at $4490.21 million in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 15.16% during the forecast period, reaching $10473.12 million by 2028. A revolution is happening, and Fiverr Enterprise is front and center, offering:

  • An intelligent sourcing and hiring service, getting the right talent onboarded through automated workflows so they can quickly start adding value
  • 360° compliance, mitigating the risk of freelancer misclassification on an ongoing basis, and handling global compliance
  • A private talent pool, providing visibility into all the freelancers your business works with, alongside their availability and skills
  • Customized payment and billing, with one monthly invoice payment ensuring all freelancers are paid accurately and on time

See how Fiverr Enterprise works for yourself by scheduling 30 minutes with one of our workforce experts.