Do You Need to Use a Recruitment Plan Template to Source the Right Talent?

Recruitment Plan Template

A recruitment plan template can be a great help when you’re hiring in bulk, or looking to bring new talent into the business across different departments. Consistency is key when recruiting to ensure you keep costs to a minimum, and hire the right people for the job at hand. 

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If you’re looking to create a recruitment plan template or checklist, and you’re not sure where to begin – you’re in the right place! 

What Is a Recruitment Plan Template?

A recruitment plan template is a structured document or checklist that codifies your strategy for recruiting new workers to the organization. When managers are looking to fill a role, they can use the recruitment plan template to estimate how long it will take, get familiar with the step by step process of hiring, and keep to a systematic and consistent process for hiring, vetting and onboarding, so that nothing falls through the cracks. 

The objectives and goals of a recruitment plan are simple. When done right, a recruitment plan can enhance the way you manage HR and hiring processes across the whole business, providing a single transparent checklist for everything from how to source and what the interview process should look like, to onboarding effectively and compliantly for your business’ needs. 

Examples of Recruitment Plan Templates

As each company is different, the most effective recruitment strategy will be one built from scratch to suit your specific business. However, there are a number of readily available recruitment plan templates online that can be fantastic food for thought when getting started. Here are three examples: 

  1. Clickup’s Recruiter’s Strategic Plan Template: This tool allows you to stay on top of recruitment processes with the help of the popular project management tool. You can see at a glance which recruitment processes are in progress, on hold, or upcoming, and use custom fields such as department, progress, and project lead. 
  1.’s Career Guide Recruitment Template: Not many businesses know hiring better than, and they offer a bulleted list of items to include in a department or company-wide document that lays out a strategy. Include positions to fill, budget available, desirable qualities in candidates, and your talent sourcing methods. 
  1. Partnership for Public Service’s Strategic Recruitment Plan Template: This useful document cycles through four stages for building a recruitment strategy: Plan, Source, Attract and Engage. It includes practical questions to ask when creating your recruitment plan, and templates you can use for your own business needs. 
Define the strategic goals

Steps to Create an Effective Recruitment Plan

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with common recruitment plan templates, it’s time to create your own! While each business will require its own specific process, there are a number of key steps that all recruitment plans should contain: 

Understand your recruiting needs and develop goals

Before you think about specific roles and talent requirements, start by recognizing the gaps and challenges in your current recruitment strategy. You may feel like hiring processes are siloed within each department, and there is a lack of consistency or visibility. Perhaps compliance is an issue, and teams are hiring freelancers without considering misclassification. It could be as simple as it taking too long to get new hires sourced, vetted and onboarded. Isolating your goals is a critical step one. 

Forecast your hiring needs and define the roles

Here is where you consider what kind of talent you’re looking for. Are you searching for full-time employees, or freelancers? Do you need a whole new team to take responsibility for a growing area of the business, or are you just missing specific skills in existing departments? By identifying the exact skills gaps that you need to fill, you’ll be able to write an accurate job description and attract candidates who are better suited for your organization. 

Commit to a candidate sourcing strategy

There are so many ways to find talent! In this section of your recruitment plan, you can identify how you’re going to go about finding candidates, whether that’s through a recruitment or staffing agency, on job boards, via freelancer marketplaces, or relying on word of mouth. You may find you need to balance priorities. For example, staffing agencies may feel easy as someone else does the sourcing for you, but you’ll often incur high markups and fees, and limit yourself to a local pool of talent with uncertain quality. 

Develop a screening process

How will you vet candidates before you choose the right hire? There are a few elements to consider in this step. First and most critically – can this person compliantly work for your business? Especially if you’re hiring remotely, think about local laws, regulations and expectations. Now turn your attention to whether they have the right skills, qualifications, experience and attitude to make them a good fit. Outline all of these expectations within your recruitment plan template to get consistency across the business. 

Establish an effective onboarding process

You’ve found the right talent – congratulations! Your recruitment template shouldn’t stop here. A critical part of hiring is getting new people onboarded accurately. This means collecting all the right documentation, signatures, financial details, and tax paperwork. You can also create systemized workflows for elements such as systems access, passwords, training, and collaboration tools. The faster they can get to work – the better for your business outcomes. 

Fiverr Enterprise Makes Sourcing Simple Again

Fiverr Enterprise is a SaaS solution that gives you full visibility and control over your entire freelance workforce by allowing you to source, hire, onboard, manage and pay, all while ensuring compliance, so your teams can work faster and maximize business growth.

When it comes to sourcing, Fiverr Enterprise offers an intelligent sourcing service that provides 2-6 suitable candidates within 72 hours of you posting a job description. We also include a pre-vetted list of high quality talent from in-demand industries, so that you can move even faster. 

We automate and customize the legal and tax compliance process, and make onboarding simple through automated workflows designed with your business strategy in mind. You can rest assured that all freelancers, consultants and contract workers have been intelligently added to the system complete with all documentation, necessary access requirements, compliance, and background information – creating a streamlined and consistent process for hiring and onboarding in every department across the business.

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