Simplify governance of your growing workforce with Fiverr Enterprise.

Proper oversight of your hybrid talent base can mean the difference between accelerated growth and costly mistakes.

Simplify governance of your growing workforce with Fiverr Enterprise.

We’re making sure managing your existing talent base doesn’t just make you busier.

Easy import of your <br />existing workforce
Easy import of your
existing workforce
Digitalization of <br />legal documents
Digitalization of
legal documents
Seamless offboarding <br />at a project’s end
Seamless offboarding
at a project’s end

Onboard your full workforce, fast

Managing your existing workforce properly is critical to reaping all of the benefits of a flexible model. It’s quick and easy to get all of your talent—freelancers, contractors and consultants — onto the Fiverr Enterprise platform so that you can get going whether you’re hiring or not. Simply provide the email addresses of your personnel and our system will handle the rest, from forms to compliance.

Import List of Talents

Smooth, safe offboarding

When a freelance engagement is over, it’s easy to forget to check all of the boxes of a thorough offboarding. With Fiverr Enterprise, you can end a project with full confidence that we’ll handle tying up any loose ends and disconnections that need to take place for your safety and peace of mind.

Onboarding Fiverr Enterprise