How Amdocs Scaled Their Freelance Workforce

The future of work is a hybrid model of full-time employees and on-demand freelancers. In just a few years, Gen Z and independent workers will dominate the market and demand flexible work solutions from enterprises.

Thursday, March 16 57 Minutes

Featured Speakers

Frank Enriquez
CCWP Director, CWS Council, SIA
Shachar Teper
Global Procurement Director, Amdocs
Shahar Erez
Shahar Erez
CEO & GM, Fiverr Enterprise

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Here’s exactly what you’ll learn

  • Why now’s the time to embrace the freelance workforce and start managing them using a freelance management system (FMS).
  • How a multinational enterprise company adapted a stand-alone solution to efficiently manage their rapidly growing freelance workforce.
  • Which departments in your organization need to be involved in managing external freelancers.