How to Successfully Manage a Thriving Freelance Workforce

The workforce is changing as more and more workers are turning to freelancing and waving goodbye to their 9-5 office jobs. By 2027, more than 50% of the entire workforce will be freelancers.

As a result, a huge number of organizations are relying on external freelancers and independent contractors to achieve strategic goals and objectives. To stay afloat, organizations must embrace this change and accept the inevitability of freelance workers, or they’ll fall behind.

Thursday, July 13 58 Minutes

Featured Speakers

Dawn McCartney
Dawn McCartney

VP CWS Council, SIA
Shahar Erez
Shahar Erez
CEO & GM, Fiverr Enterprise

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Here’s exactly what you’ll learn

  • Latest trends in the freelance workforce and why companies rely on freelance talent more than ever.
  • Challenges that result from different freelance management approaches and their impact on worker misclassification, compliance, and organizational growth.
  • Why a single solution can bridge the freelance management gap between internal and external contributors