How “Upped the Tempo” by Accelerating Freelancers’ Onboarding


Time to onboard new freelancers was cut by half


Hours are saved every month managing invoices


Faster executing field marketing projects

Background supports a wide range of industries in getting better ROI from Machine Learning models and AI investments. The company offers a smart solution for advanced annotations and data labeling for any business from FinTech and Autonomous Vehicles to Healthcare and Government. Headquartered in San Francisco, has received $603 million in investment since its inception in 2016 and currently has 350 full-time employees.

Challenge points

Challenge/Pain Points

One of the core values at is the ability to “up the tempo” – to move quickly and with greater agility.

“We’re always looking for ways to move faster,” said Marcel Santili, Head of Marketing at “However, hiring is traditionally a lengthy process, and it can slow a business down. Our vision at is to be able to leverage freelancers as an extension of our team, and we wanted to standardize the process of working with freelancers to enable us to execute much faster.” understood that when there is a lot of friction in a process, managers and teams are unlikely to choose that direction. “Throughout my career, I’ve seen leveraging freelance talent as a growth hack. Freelancers are best placed to support the business with scale and niche expertise, but onboarding hurdles can get in the way.”

Why Verbit chose Fiverr Enterprise

Why choose Fiverr Enterprise?

With the goal in mind of reducing the friction in hiring freelancers, and eliminating the onboarding hurdles that departments were experiencing when attracting, managing, and paying freelance talent – Fiverr Enterprise became an obvious choice as a strategic partner.

“Fiverr Enterprise allows us to jump through a lot of the onboarding hurdles that we would usually experience,” commented Rebecca Woerner, Head of Events and Field Marketing at “As soon as I find a contractor who can help execute on the work we’re doing, we can get them up and running, as well as manage their performance and payroll through the platform.”


Results has now standardized the process of onboarding and working with freelancers across the company. Everything is centralized in one place. Onboarding new freelancers take only a few hours and HR, legal, and finance teams have full visibility into the process.

Because it automates the entire hiring, managing, and paying process for freelancers, is able to remain agile and quick, while still maintaining control over the freelancers’ compliance.

“The main benefit of Fiverr Enterprise for me is the ability to find talent and get them onboarded right away” continued Rebecca. “Partnering with Fiverr Enterprise was definitely the right move for our team. Simply put, I can execute on more events and projects in field marketing because we have Fiverr Enterprise, so that’s a clear win.”

In addition, the company has noticed that the contractors they onboard through Fiverr Enterprise are excited about using the platform, allowing them to get paid with greater transparency and ease, and easily track their milestones, project timelines, or deadlines. 

With Fiverr Enterprise’s support, has created a talent bench of freelance professionals who can support any project and allows the team to achieve more in less time.

“I would recommend Fiverr Enterprise to anyone who wants to see the benefits of using freelancers or even anyone who just wants to scale really fast,” said Marcel. “Fiverr Enterprise simplifies the whole process of hiring and managing freelancers, and just lets you move quickly – what’s more important than that in a business environment?”


Time to onboard new freelancers was cut by 50%


Saved 18 hours a month managing invoices


Executed field marketing projects 2 times faster Success Story

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Fiverr Enterprise simplifies the whole process of hiring and managing freelancers, and just lets you move quickly – what’s more important than that in a business environment?

Marcel Santili Marcel Santili, Head of Marketing at