The Future of Work is Here: Why You Need Exceptional Talent, Now. 

The future of work is here, and by 2027, it’s estimated that 50% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers.
Hear what four leading experts from the contingent workforce, Procurement & HR fields have to say about the world of contingent workers.
Gain insights into how businesses and companies around the world are tapping into vast opportunities provided by global talent. Discover Insights, debunk myths, and explore strategies to optimize your workforce. Don't miss this chance to reshape your perspective on the evolving dynamics of the global talent market.

Tuesday, January 9 EST 18:00 PST 15:00 32 Minutes

Featured Speakers

Eric Osterhout
Senior Specialist, Contingent Labor, Enbridge
Jeanne Meister
Executive VP, Executive Networks
Jeff Nugent
Founder, Independently.ai
Mickey Pelletier
Founder, CWM Strategies

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Here’s exactly what you’ll learn

  • How to push start any contingent workforce program, and the factors that must be taken into account.
  • The tango between HR & Procurement on the question of who is accountable for the contingent workforce.
  • How to balance the benefits of direct sourcing and the fear of compliance issues.
  • Upcoming trends and new technologies in the Contingent Workforce field.