Coming to 2022 Collaboration in the Gig
Economy or CWS summit?

Join us for a closed networking cocktail event

Unlock the Power of
the Contingent Workforce

Upside West Village Bar, Hilton Canopy Uptown

Ever wondered what the jobs and the workforce of tomorrow will look like?

Join Dr Jon Westover, 3X Best-Selling & Award-Winning researcher of the Future of Work, to discuss the impact of the new generation entering the workforce, the increasing demand for flexible work arrangements, and the rapid tech advancements needed to succeed in tomorrow’s talent race. 

If all of those insights aren’t enough on their own — we’ll also be plying attendees with free cocktails! 

Dr Jon Westover, Ph.D will discuss how Procurement and HR leaders can prepare their organizations for the ever-changing modern workforce, by shifting from traditional contingent workforce programs to help attract and retain top talent. 

A live Q&A, as well as drinks, nibbles and networking will follow the keynote speech!

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Jon Westover

Jon Westover LinkedIn

An award-winning #1 Best Selling Author, ranked # 1 HR, Innovation, and Future of Work Global Thought Leader & Influencer (Thinkers360), Top 30 in Management and Organizational Culture (Global Gurus) and has been included on LeadersHum’s Power List of the Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership to watch for in 2022.

Meet the

Fiverr Enterprise

Fiverr Enterprise, a Fiverr company LinkedIn

Fiverr Enterprise is a SaaS platform which helps companies source, onboard, manage, and pay non-payroll talent while ensuring tax and legal compliance.

It offers hiring managers a new superior experience of sourcing independent contractors and gig workers from an endless talent pool, while giving procurement, HR, IT and finance teams complete control and visibility over their non-payroll workers.

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