How 8×8 Achieved Cost Efficiency & Control Using Fiverr Enterprise


From 3+ systems to 1 platform for contractor management


Faster end-to-end contractor onboarding


Reduced contractor fees


8×8 is a cloud contact center and unified communications platform provider with the goal of keeping customers happy, agents engaged and employees connected. Based in Campbell, California, and named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS, 8×8 integrates voice, video, chat, contact center and enterprise-class API solutions into a single, global, secure and reliable cloud communications platform.

Challenge points


8×8 has always relied on a diverse workforce, including W2 employees, independent contractors and consultants. Before Fiverr Enterprise, the company was heavily reliant on staffing agencies, but it wasn’t working. “We had a huge contractor challenge,” said Dave Beckwith, VP, Global Procurement. “Solving it was my main priority.” 

One of the main issues came down to cost. MSP software is often aimed at enterprise companies who can afford to put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the implementation and maintenance, something that is prohibitive for medium-sized businesses. “For us, the model was unsustainable,” said Beckwith. “There were constant challenges with the agency – they wanted us to scale the number of freelancers we were using, or our billing. Or, they would ask us to move consultants to W2, because they made more money that way, but that wasn’t what we wanted. It was endlessly frustrating, and ultimately wasn’t a good partnership.” 

At the same time, 8×8 saw that freelancers often had the incorrect impression that 8×8 was an untrustworthy company. Freelancers regularly quit due to being paid late, even though behind the scenes 8×8 didn’t have control over their payments and terms. 

“Working with staffing agencies, we didn’t have the control that we needed to run our business efficiently,” said Beckwith. “We didn’t have control over the time sheet, the payment terms, the currency, the documentation, etc. For example, companies that were willing to work with a business of our size used manual Excel spreadsheets to track data and documentation, and it just wasn’t a good fit for us in the long run.”

To manage these inefficient operations, 8×8 was using three different platforms, which didn’t allow them to reach their goals of reduced costs and better control. They started looking for an alternative. 

Why Verbit chose Fiverr Enterprise

Why 8×8 Chose Fiverr Enterprise

Initially, 8×8 was focused on building a solution in-house, when a simple web search put Fiverr Enterprise on their radar. “Immediately, I realized they solved all of our problems!” continued Beckwith. “MSP services are usually expensive and complicated, and require giving up control. Fiverr Enterprise was the opposite. It was affordable, simple to use, and allowed us to maintain control. Not only did we not have to build the solution in-house, we could get started with Fiverr Enterprise immediately.” 

After a quick and straightforward implementation, 8×8 has improved the way they work with freelance talent thanks to Fiverr Enterprise. 

Instead of juggling multiple systems and software solutions, 8×8 simply adds hiring managers to the platform, and uses the templates from inside the system to quickly and easily source and manage talent on-demand. As well as the core features of the platform, Fiverr Enterprise has created a bespoke integration so that 8×8 can use Coupa for their Purchase Orders, and connect the two systems seamlessly. 

8×8 also relies on Fiverr Enterprise to manage legal documentation. “This is the biggest value for our team,” said Beckwith. “We now have one place for contractor NDAs and agreements, as well as other signatures and documents. I wasn’t able to find that data retention anywhere else. Our legal team doesn’t even need to get involved anymore!”



“No matter the size of the company, businesses need a simple solution that works, and that’s what we have with Fiverr Enterprise. I love that the team is so easy to work with, and if there is any product functionality that isn’t there we let the team know and they get working on it or point us in the right direction,” said Beckwith. 

Before Fiverr Enterprise, 8×8 was working with multiple systems and processes, and felt that their reliance on MSPs and staffing agencies was a bottleneck and a financial drain. 

“We used to have to ask freelancers to onboard in one system, sign the agreement in a second system, and then speak separately to the staffing agency about payment details,” said Beckwith. “Then if they weren’t paid on time, we would call the agency and ask if they sent the time sheet, find out what the issue was, and then wait for their employees to come online in the relevant time zones to get answers. Now it’s just one platform, and one process, and it just works.” 

Through working with Fiverr Enterprise, 8×8 has seen key business wins including: 

  • Time to value: Any manager that wants to work with freelancers can start immediately, with no bottlenecks or additional costs. The company now works with dozens of freelancers, and has solved its contractor headache. 
  • Cost reduction: The business has eliminated the price tag of onboarding an MSP solution and paying staffing agency markups, and streamlined the cost of contractor management and maintenance across the business. 
  • Control: Data such as time sheets, payment terms, and legal documentation is all securely in the hands of 8×8, not outsourced to a vendor with uncertain systems and processes in place. 
  • Contractor satisfaction: Freelancers are now paid accurately and on time, and can choose their own payment terms to suit their business needs. Direct relationships with the business also promotes freelancer loyalty and retention. 

From 3+ systems to 1 platform for contractor management


3X faster end-to-end contractor onboarding


Reduced contractor fees

8x8 Success Story


Company: 8x8, Inc. is an American cloud contact center and unified communications platform provider, which includes integrated cloud contact center, business phone, team chat, video meetings, and SMS


Campbell, California


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We now have one place for contractor NDAs and agreements, as well as other signatures and documents. I wasn’t able to find that data retention anywhere else. Our legal team doesn’t even need to get involved anymore!

Dave Beckwith Dave Beckwith, VP Global Procurement, 8x8