Automated Employee Classification

Fiverr Enterprise leverages AI to analyze your relationship with contractors based on thousands of past classification cases.


How Does it Work?

Remove Risk

No more manual audits

Fiverr Enterprise’s AI-based engine can detect high risk relationship in real-time and suggest actionable steps to reduce risk.

Employee Classification Made Easy

Accurate & Quick Analysis

AI based processing leveraging thousands of past classification cases (by state and country).

Avoid Costly Penalties

Misclassification penalties can be quite severe. Don’t put your company at unnecessary risk.

Early Warnings

Fiverr Enterprise will identify and flag potential high-risk relationships with actionable suggested next steps.

Enhanced Productivity

Stop wasting time on costly manual audits that must be repeated every 6 months.

  1. Step 1

    Fiverr Enterprise continuously monitor over 25 data points the defines your company’s relationship with your freelancers in order to alert on if there’s a relationship that needs to be better analyzed

  2. Step 2

    In case there’s an alert, a detailed questionnaire is send to both the hiring manager and the freelancers. Data is processes in our AI engine to understand the risk and what needs to be modified

  3. Once data is processes, a detailed report if sent to the hiring managers and the company admins with risk classification and actionable insights on how to reduce the risk