Why Hire a Sales Executive From Day One


In this episode, Yoav Vilner, Co-Founder, and CEO, of Walnut talks to us about the importance of hiring sales and marketing executives early on. Why? To ensure business success.

The hiring landscape has changed – many talented employees are feeling underwhelmed in their roles because they aren’t getting what they signed up for. But this presents an opportunity for other businesses to tap into this talent pool and give them the job satisfaction they crave. 

Hiring has to be methodical, regardless of the industry, audience, or business. B2B companies, for example, need to hire sales and marketing execs early on in the business venture. Why? Because the pipeline that talented execs can create within their first year can make or break your business. Likewise, businesses shouldn’t fall into the trap of only hiring the ‘techy’ people that haven’t really touched on the business side – sales and marketing execs are just as important as those you have in the product field – focus on operations. 

Key advice? Any leader who’s building a team, whether from scratch or during the processes of growth, needs to set expectations right from the very beginning regarding where a person’s job will take them within the company. It avoids surprises down the road by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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Yoav Vilner is CEO at Walnut, a fast-growing sales automation startup that has raised 56M$ in its first year.

Since Series A, the company grew a staggering 700% in annual recurring revenue, co-founder and CEO Yoav Vilner told TechCrunch. It is now working with nearly 100 SaaS customers, including Adobe, Dell, Medallia, NetApp, Treasure Data, Funnel, People AI, and ContractBook.

Prior to Walnut, Yoav was part of a kid-saving startup and prior to that founder of one of the world’s most significant startup marketing companies with 600 clients.

Yoav also wrote columns for top U.S magazines and advised in the top accelerators.

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Shahar Erez

Shahar Erez

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Shahar Erez is the Co-founder & CEO of Fiverr Enterprise. In 2021, Fiverr Enterprise was acquired by Fiverr for $110M just 15 months after coming out of stealth mode.

Shahar is a tech-scene veteran and serial entrepreneur in Israel and Silicon Valley. He has 20 years of executive experience in engineering, product, and marketing under his belt at companies like HP, VMware, and Kenshoo.

He has a BA from IDC University and an MBA from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel.

Lastly, he is a proud father of 3, an amateur cyclist, and an avid reader.

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Romi Davidor

Romi Davidor

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Romi was educated on three continents; she grew up in Japan as a baby, in California as a young adult, and now in Israel.

Romi has had an interesting career path (she’s a classic Gen Y story), starting as a CSR and sustainability consultant at BDO firm, to becoming an innovation management professional.

That lead her to become a mentor at different entrepreneurship programs, a podcaster, and today the marketing manager at Fiverr Enterprise.

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