Podcast: Why does it pay to be bold, transparent, and confrontational?


In this week’s episode, we talk with Jessica Williams, VP of People at Refine Labs & Career Coach with Hidden Gem Career Coaching, about how to maintain – and uproot – your organizational culture as you grow.

All successful businesses reach a series of crossroads as they get bigger. Often, the strengths that led a start-up to its next stage come under threat from internal and external factors. It can be tempting to stay true to the values and ethos you started with, but this can just as easily hold you back.  

So how can you know when to gradually evolve elements of your organization’s set-up, and when might it be time to literally rewrite your rulebook?

Jessica joined Refine Labs as Employee Number 30, and they now have four times that headcount. She’s got hard-won insights on when companies need to react in ways that can leave employees fearing change – and how to act to bring those employees along with you on your new journey. She’s also got good advice on how to stop your C-suite personnel from acting like you’re still a small team once you’ve outgrown your original ambitions.

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Jessica (pronouns she/her/hers) is a Vice President of People by day and Founder/Career Coach with Hidden Gem Career Coaching by nights and weekends.

With an educational background in psychology and sociology, she applies her experience in DE&I, leadership development, and project management to help employees seeking upward career mobility or new employment opportunities. She utilizes a consulting approach to understand the candidate’s past and future in order to showcase their abilities as a hidden gem in corporate America.

Based on her personal and professional experience as a female Professional of Color she understands how to pinpoint the best aspects of clients’ professional experience and market it in the most attractive way possible to potential hiring managers. She’s also well versed in writing resumes, career planning, motivation techniques, and network building. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and yoga.

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Shahar Erez

Shahar Erez

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Shahar Erez is the Co-founder & CEO of Fiverr Enterprise. In 2021, Fiverr Enterprise was acquired by Fiverr for $110M just 15 months after coming out of stealth mode.

Shahar is a tech-scene veteran and serial entrepreneur in Israel and Silicon Valley. He has 20 years of executive experience in engineering, product, and marketing under his belt at companies like HP, VMware, and Kenshoo.

He has a BA from IDC University and an MBA from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel.

Lastly, he is a proud father of 3, an amateur cyclist, and an avid reader.

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Romi Davidor

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Romi was educated on three continents; she grew up in Japan as a baby, in California as a young adult, and now in Israel.

Romi has had an interesting career path (she’s a classic Gen Y story), starting as a CSR and sustainability consultant at BDO firm, to becoming an innovation management professional.

That lead her to become a mentor at different entrepreneurship programs, a podcaster, and today the marketing manager at Fiverr Enterprise.

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