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Source Exceptional Freelance Talent with Fiverr Enterprise

At Fiverr Enterprise we know that even though you could work with any freelancer, you want to make sure you’re working with the right freelancer.
Luckily for you, we’ve just launched our new hiring service with robust capabilities! So, let us take the stress of finding freelancers off your plate.

Tuesday, September 19 11:00 EDT 08:00 PDT 18:00 IDT 30 Minutes

Featured Speakers

Anat Granit
GM, Fiverr Enterprise
Romi Davidor
Romi Davidor
Senior Marketing Manager, Fiverr Enterprise

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn

  • How sourcing with Fiverr Enterprise combines the endless opportunities of the Fiverr marketplace with our expert sourcing team. 
  • Utilizing our new AI assistant to help you post a job in just minutes.
  • Browsing our pre-selected catalog with a list of expert talent from various high-demand fields.
  • How one of our clients turned a one-time gig into a long-term relationship, accelerating execution.