Understand Fiverr Enterprise’s core features

Fiverr Enterprise is an all-in-one platform allowing companies to streamline all aspects of remote, non-payroll workforce (Freelancers, Contractors, Consultants, Service providers, etc..).

Fiverr Enterprise Admin

Solutions to drive efficiency across your entire organization

Unify HR, Recruiting, Finance and Legal with simpler, more secure processes and the benefit of a single source of truth for talent overhead.

Global payments
Global payments
  • Pay a single invoice, Fiverr Enterprise will handle individual payouts.
  • Any payment method (ACH, Wire, Paypal, Payoneer and more)
  • Over 80 countries and currencies supported
  • Digital payment approval

Budget & Spend control
Budget & Spend control
  • Set and control budget by LOB / team
  • Automatic spend classification
  • Realtime budget vs. actual reporting
  • Budget forecasting to support planning

Legal compliance
  • Policy based legal documents (NDA, IP Assignment, No Compete etc..)
  • Digitized documents, assured signatures.
  • Legal compliance notifications
  • Workforce classification tracking

Self Serve
Self Serve
  • Onboard remote freelancers with just a few clicks
  • Control your own spend
  • Approve payment with a single click
  • Payees track invoice status

Assured Tax compliance
Assured Tax compliance
  • W9 collection
  • W8/W8 BEN collection
  • 1099 filing
  • VAT / Witholding tax by country

Source talent
  • Post jobs / skills across marketplaces in just a few clicks
  • Curated set of talents to meet your needs
  • Benchmark talent to find the best match
  • Bring your own talent

Flexible corporate policy
Flexible corporate policy
  • Legal requirements
  • Background checks
  • Liability insurance
  • Workforce compliance scores


What does compliance for remote teams mean?

There are three type of complaints organizations are required to maintain when it comes to employing freelancers and remote teams:
1. Legal compliance
2. Tax compliance
3. Workforce classification compliance

How can I ensure the company’s IP and confidentiality are safe?

When you onboard to Fiverr Enterprise we will ask you for your legal templates. The platform will create a digital form of those documents. When you onboard a new freelancer, based on policies you can configure, Fiverr Enterprise will enforce and endure all legal documents are signed and in effect.

How do payments work on Fiverr Enterprise?

Once a manager in the organization approves delivery (SOW or time and material) with a single click Fiverr Enterprise moves the required payment to the processing queue.
Payment processing to customers will usually be processed on the 5th of each month.
A manager can have the platform expedite a payment.
Each month Fiverr Enterprise will send a payment request to the customer detailing all consumed services. See example here.
Fiverr Enterprise supports any payment method in any currency freelancers / consultants may ask to be paid. This level of details is fully abstracted from the customer.

How long does it take to set up Fiverr Enterprise?

Setting up Fiverr Enterprise takes minutes. All you need to do is invite your existing external employees and get going.