How Verbit Scaled Their Marketing Efforts By Relying Efficiently on Freelancers

Nimble marketing team at tech company Verbit

Monthly savings by eliminating agency fees


Hours saved monthly through automating invoicing


Number of freelancers under management


Verbit is a growing tech company and their marketing team is often trying to keep up with new product launches, despite a small team and limited budget. Back in 2021, VP of Marketing, Jacques Botbol realized the most efficient and cost-effective way to meet deadlines and keep up with the growing business was to augment his team with freelancers.

Challenge points

Challenge/Pain points

When it comes to marketing, finding top talent for a specific skill set is difficult and time-consuming. With so many talent sourcing platforms out there, marketers often cast a wide net and don’t have the time to fully vet talent. Furthermore, after finding the right talent, staying aligned with the company’s internal policies during the hiring and onboarding process becomes yet another challenge. Like many smaller organizations experiencing hyper-growth, Verbit did not have a structured freelancer hiring or management process to follow.

In cases like this, onboarding and paying freelancers becomes messy and unmanageable. And suddenly, managers like Jacques become a middle-man for payment processing between the freelancers and the internal finance team.

Why Verbit chose Fiverr Enterprise

Why Verbit chose Fiverr Enterprise?

  • Centralization of freelancer invoices and onboarding paperwork
  • One-stop shop to source high-quality talent, onboard and approve invoices
  • Transparent and real-time view of budgets for both management and finance 
  • Reliability and confidence that freelancers will be paid on-time 
  • Satisfaction from finance, management and freelancers that paperwork is properly managed


After using Fiverr Enterprise for just four months, Verbit’s marketing department saw a significant decrease in time and money spent hiring and managing on-demand workers.

With the help of Fiverr Enterprise, Verbit:


Reduced monthly spend by 20%


Saved 20+ monthly hours eliminating manual invoice processing


Within 6 months the freelance team grew 2X

In addition to eliminating time spent acting as the middle-man between accounting and freelancers, Fiverr Enterprise helped Jacques streamline spending and labor hours for Verbit’s marketing department. The result? Fewer hours lost to clunky freelancer hiring and management processes, and more time devoted to execution, developing new business and launching new projects.

Verbit Success Story


Founded in 2016, Verbit specializes in combining human and artificial intelligence to provide transcription and captioning solutions.


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I no longer spend my time reconciling invoices. Freelancers are paid on-time and all paperwork is managed electronically according to our finance and legal standards. I’m able to focus my efforts on managing and growing my team alongside the business.

Jacques Botbol Jacques Botbol, Verbit, VP Marketing