How SimilarWeb boosted their productivity by 20% through better utilization of freelancers


Boosted productivity


Saved 15 monthly hours by automating payments


Improved their budget management capabilities


SimilarWeb is a market intelligence platform that is redefining how modern businesses approach marketing, sales, market research, and investor intelligence. With 800 employees and offices in four different continents, SimilarWeb has the most robust database of its kind, with clients ranging from small businesses to global enterprises.

Challenge points

Challenge/Pain Points

SimilarWeb’s marketing team relies on freelance talent to support a variety of strategic initiatives, including content, branding, and product marketing. The team was feeling the pain of manually managing all processes related to its freelancers, especially internal alignment with other departments, such as finance and legal. Marketing leaders felt the department was unable to achieve maximum productivity with its current practices. 

“We lacked fluent processes,” says Natalie Cohen, Director of Solution Marketing at SimilarWeb. “There were many internal approvals we needed to stay on top of. I would need to approve each invoice and then send them to the finance team to pay. And then there were all of the contracts and tax forms we had to sign and send to the legal team. Keeping up with all of the emails going back and forth was a challenge in itself.”

The marketing team saw a clear need for a solution that would eliminate the burden of these manual processes and free them from serving as a “middleman” between freelancers and other internal departments, including finance, legal, HR, and IT.

Why Verbit chose Fiverr Enterprise

Why SimilarWeb chose Fiverr Enterprise?

Fiverr Enterprise enabled the team to automate all of their existing processes to save time and prevent headaches. With one platform that centralizes all freelancers’ information, SimilarWeb’s marketing team could execute work without waiting for the green light from other departments. 

As a result, the department could eliminate endless threads of emails with finance on invoice approvals and legal on contract, and other legal documents. “The second I issue a payment, everyone who needs to know, knows,” says Yael Klass, Director of Global Content and Social Media at SimilarWeb.  

However, the bigger value the team got from Fiverr Enterprise was unexpected. When implementing Fiverr Enterprise, each team was granted a quarterly budget and they were given the autonomy to work within their budget. They no longer needed to get approvals from other stakeholders or report on milestone progress and expenses. They could simplify focus in executing projects and getting things done.



After implementing Fiverr Enterprise, SimilarWeb’s marketing team was emancipated from their reliance on internal approvals, which allowed them to significantly increase productivity. With the ability to automate and expedite freelancer onboarding and payment processes, the content team was able to increase outputs by 20%.

The real-time visibility Fiverr Enterprise provides into freelancer budgeting also empowers the department to know exactly where the budget stands in any point in time. This enables them to work quickly within their budget, manage milestones and progress, and reap the full value from their non-payroll workforce by using the entire budget. 

“Fiverr Enterprise was an easy fix for our issues,” says Natalie. “If we have gaps in talent resources within my team, the usual solution is to add a freelancer. Now it’s so easy to onboard them and get right into the work.”


Boosted productivity by 20%


Saved 15 monthly hours by automating payments


Doubled budget visibility to more efficient spending

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SimilarWeb is a market intelligence platform. The company was founded at 2007. It has 800 employees and offices in four different continents and continues to grow rapidly.


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Fiverr Enterprise was an easy fix for our issues. If we have gaps in talent resources within my team, the usual solution is to add a freelancer. Now it’s so easy to onboard them and get right into the work.

Natalie Cohen Natalie Cohen, SimilarWeb, Director of Solution Marketing