How Quicklizard automated their payments while saving dozens of hours each month


of the time to hire process was reduced


hours are saved every month managing invoices


Faster international payments delivery


Quicklizard is a SaaS pricing platform for retailers. It was founded in 2010 and went public in 2021. It helps retailers optimize and set pricing to support them in reaching their business goals. Following its IPO, Quicklizard has been working to ensure that the infrastructure for growth is firmly in place.  It has re-built its entire sales and marketing organization to prepare for the next phase of the company.

Challenge points

Challenge/Pain Points

Hiring experienced sales and marketing professionals had become a big challenge for Quicklizard, with many candidates unsure about leaving their current roles due to COVID-19, and a lot of unicorns in the Israeli market turning the heads of potential workers.

In addition, Quicklizard needed talent with a niche skillset, as the company sells to category managers, brand managers, and pricing managers, stakeholders who are traditionally not used to making decisions on SaaS. Quicklizard was looking for highly skilled salespeople who could both understand the complexity of the solution and also have an intelligent conversation with the right buyers and prospects.

As a fast-growing international company with ambitious goals, and in need of very specific skills, the freelancing model made a lot of sense.

Why Verbit chose Fiverr Enterprise

Why Quicklizard chose Fiverr Enterprise?

Quicklizard was keen to find a smarter way to manage freelancers. The company wanted to digitize the way that they managed their workforce, adding visibility, transparency and control to freelancer management. Goals included creating an easier flow for the monthly payment cycle, and providing more independence and accountability to the hiring managers, moving the process and the pressure away from Finance. These goals led them to Fiverr Enterprise.

“The onboarding process was really simple, and I could immediately see this was going to save me dozens of hours each month” continued Avia. “All our existing freelancers simply chose their payment methods and currencies, uploaded the relevant documentation, and submitted invoices to be approved by the managers, totally hands-off from me. In fact, all freelancers got paid through Fiverr Enterprise on the very first month.”

“On a business level, Fiverr Enterprise has also helped us to get more granular about how we manage our teams” added Moranne Levi, VP Revenue Operations. “We’ve allocated a budget per department, and stakeholders get a lot more control to manage this budget according to their needs. On a high level, we can track usage and trends without getting involved in the details.”



The pressure has been taken firmly off the finance team since implementing Fiverr Enterprise, as they no longer need to invest dozens of hours each month to manage and pay freelancers. The whole process is automated, from onboarding new freelancers to making payments, and ensuring compliance. 

In addition, the hiring managers now have complete autonomy and control, with each department fully accountable around their own budget for talent, allocated quarterly through Fiverr Enterprise. At any point, managers and freelancers can track milestone completion and the payment flow is transparent, predictable, and smooth.


Reduced time-to-hire by 20%


Saved 2 full workdays every month managing invoices


Delivered international payments 3 times faster

Quicklizard Success Story


Quicklizard is a SaaS pricing platform for retailers. It was founded in 2010 and went public in 2021




Artificial Intelligence

Unfortunately, our processes for onboarding and managing freelancers was a headache. It was all managed through Finance. Something had to change, and Fiverr Enterprise proved to be the perfect solution

Avia Ben Hamo, Financial Controller at Quicklizard