Why Fiverr Enterprise, and Why Now?

Why Fiverr Enterprise, and Why Now?

I want to take you back to about a year and a half ago, where the start of our new journey all began. 

In November 2021, our freelance management system Stoke Talent, which helps businesses onboard, pay, manage and hire freelancers and non-payroll workers, was acquired by Fiverr, a publicly traded, leading and global online marketplace for freelance services.

Both at the time of the acquisition, and today, our vision remains crystal clear. 

Together with Fiverr, we’re transforming the way the world works, specifically propelling the way businesses work with their external workforce. Furthermore, as part of the merger, we decided that now’s the time to push and further align our vision forward. 

Same Platform, New Name  

So here we are today, excited more than ever to officially introduce you to our new name, Fiverr Enterprise! 

Through Fiverr Enterprise, our customers will continue to enjoy professional and efficient sourcing capabilities through the platform, and will now also be provided with even better sourcing abilities via Fiverr Business’ top, vetted talent. Via this merger, we provide our customers with the ability to work with Fiverr, a global, well-respected, and trusted company. 

We’re incredibly proud of this next phase and look forward to this new journey and what the future holds for Fiverr Enterprise. 

Let Fiverr Enterprise Scale the Way You Work with Your Freelancers 

A freelance management system (FMS) such as Fiverr Enterprise provides the necessary agility needed to help you to continue scaling your business by optimizing the way you work with your external workforce.

Fiverr Enterprise provides you with everything you need to build an agile and flexible workforce, so you can compliantly onboard freelance talent, manage their milestones, pay them quickly and securely and a whole lot more. 

By adapting your workforce management strategy to the changing realities of today’s workforce, you’ll be able to accelerate execution and time to market, all while increasing visibility into spend and performance.

Simply put, there’s an easier way to work with freelancers. 

For any questions regarding what changes in our platform, and what remains the same, please feel free to check out our FAQs

And lastly, cheers to this new journey!